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10/06 12:30-14:30 Meeting Room 301, International Conference Hall


RENKEI CONTROL realizes energy saving by allowing the supply-side equipment to cooperate with each other and also with the demand side. It eliminates waste caused by oversupply and improves the efficiency on the supply side in regards to the demand for utilities (e.g. power, steam, cold water and air). Energy saving for existing equipment is achieved with this control. This talk will give an overview of the RENKEI CONTROL that can be introduced in various forms and will then showcase these introduction examples.
Reference website: http://home.jeita.or.jp/cgi-bin/page/detail.cgi?n=725&ca=1

While Europe and the United States have successfully applied ISO50001, Japanese continuous efforts to the Energy Conservation Law need inevitably motivation. Our committee aims to international standardization for level evaluation of energy management in addition to awareness of ISO50001 and related standards. IoT accelerates utilizing field data and cooperative control, and Japanese products and services are expected to lead the world\'s energy efficiency.
Internet of Things (IoT) brings a dramatic impact not only to the consumer market but also to industrial workplaces.
Our team discussed the insights of discontinuous future images produced by disruptive innovations such as IoT and Big Data impacts and tried to back cast the actions we should take now.
For example, while EC moves to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2050, how will today’s industrial complexes transform and evolve?
We envision and discuss the changing future industrial workplaces and the new relationship between human beings and technology.