[CAR-1]Consider a technique to be necessary for "Autonomous Driving Systems"

10/06 14:30-16:30 Convention Hall B , International Conference Hall


New generation of machine learning and computation initiated by quantum annealing
Do you know the quantum annealing, which is a computational method realized in the first commercial quantum computer? The first quantum computer was built by the D-wave Systems, which has a plenty of excellent technology on the superconductor. The quantum annealing can solve only the optimization problem. This fact might would be regarded as a limited range of applications. However, the optimization problem appears in various fields in the practical problem in society as well as automatic driving system. I would like to introduce the mechanism of the quantum annealing and examples of its applications as far as time allows.
Tohoku University Graduate School of Information SciencesAssociate Professor Ph.D. Masayuki Ohzeki
Electric vehicles as a platform incorporating practical technology for autonomous driving.
Practical application of autonomous driving is one means to achieve measures to counter global warming, regional depopulation, and efficiency of transportation means to population increase in urban areas. Among them, electric vehicles are the most suitable platform for collecting and utilizing external environmental data.
GLM Co., Ltd.EV system department Engineer Mr. Shuji NISHIMURA
The physiological aspects of human errors: in association with sleep disorders and dementia.
“To err is human” is one of the principles that underlies the attitude toward prevention of medical incidents. However, this human nature relates to wide range of human activities including vehicle driving. In this presentation, physiological basics of “To err is human” will be illustrated along with the basis of individual difference, and undesired effects by sleep disorders and cognitive disorders.
Shiga University of Medical Science Department of PsychiatryLecturer M.D., Ph.D. Masahiro Matsuo