[AI-1]Robots and Artificial Intelligence

10/04 14:00-17:00 Simultaneous Japanese-English Interpretation available Convention Hall A , International Conference Hall



National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)Fellow of AIST, Director of Artificial Intelligence Research Center Mr. Junichi TSUJII
The new manufacturing system a person can lead.--To realize the coproduction of local empowerment and machines which bring out, also expand, the potential of a human being.
Adapting for the variety of needs, the conversion to “variable variety multi production” is needed for manufacturing industries. The new coproduction system of machines and human beings are necessary for its realization; for example, switching roles of humans and machines according to productions’ scale. On this lecture, you will become aware of the new manufacturing systems of which IT, AI, and Robotics are effectively used.
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationAutonomous Control System Development Project Group, Advanced R&D Center Project Manager Dr. Tomonori Sato