[FIN-2]IoT Town Special Conference “The Future of financial industry changed by IoT technology“~ The vision of Bank of Japan and Japanese mega-bank, and the role of the IT & electronics industry ~

10/06 15:30-17:30 Simultaneous Japanese-English Interpretation available Convention Hall A , International Conference Hall


IoT technology is changing present business and operating model of variety of industries. In the financial industry, IT development creates Fintech, and various industries entry into finance field.
In this session, Bank of Japan and Japanese major Banking Corporation will show the future business of Fintech.
In this talk, we will also give some ideas about how IT・Electronics companies have an impact on Fintech.

What is FinTech and How It Will Develop in Japan ?
What is FinTech?

As consumers’ daily lives become more convenient with today’s IT developments and the explosive spread of smartphones, users of financial services are starting to demand the easy-to-use applications.

Also as the backdrop, ground-breaking innovations in the field of IT emerged, which are now experimented in the world of FinTech.

In her presentation, Yuko Kawai will provide some observations about 1) technologies and concepts supporting the developments of FinTech, 2) future challenges of FinTech, and 3) expected impacts on the economy.
Payment and Settlement Systems Department, Bank of JapanHead of FinTech Center Yuko Kawai
MUFG Digital transformation initiative
MUFG are working on Digital Transformation, the initiative where we utilize cutting-edge technologies to improve processing efficiency and to incubate new businesses. In this session, we are going to uncover how MUFG implement digital transformation and introduce several practical cases using technologies such as blockchain, API, and IoT. 
Digital Transformation Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.General Manager Hirofumi Aihara
Innovation by SMFG *TBD
IT innovation Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial GroupGeneral Manager Tomoaki Nakayama
Mizuho\'s Digital Innovation Initiatives (tentative)
To further accelerate open innovation, Mizuho Financial Group established Blue Lab Co., Ltd. in June this year. Blue Lab is focused on the creation and commercialization of next-generation business models through FinTech initiatives such as the creation of a global settlement platform, development of software to automate operational tasks using AI and big data, and optimization of trade finance through commercialization of blockchain technology, as well as through IoT-related advancements in general. In his lecture, Nobuhisa Abe will discuss several example applications.
Digital Innovation Division,Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. / Mizuho Bank, Ltd.General Manager Nobuhisa Abe