[HO-1]How will Smart Home change our lives? ~ New value creation of Home by being closely combined with House, Housing facilities, Consumer electronics and various services ~

10/05 15:30-17:30 Convention Hall B , International Conference Hall


Smart Home - customize our daily life by connecting consumer electronics, sensors, and communication equipment in the house is expected to growth sectors.
In this session, all Smart Home vendors like Housing manufacturer / Housing facilities company / Home electronics company / Service provider will talk about their business activity.
We also offer a panel discussion about how to achieve creating Smart Home market in cooperation with all home associated industries.

What’s new for recent “Smart Homes”
This talk will discuss what makes recent “smart homes” different from the conventional “home networks” or & “smart houses”.
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyProfessor Mr. Yasuo Tan
Society in which COCORO connected by AIoT
Today, each home appliances are making great progresses day after day. Those collaborates with AI on Cloud through Internet, and provide customized fuctions to people favorites or lifestyles.
In the near future, people actions in their home are connected not only the services inside their home but also the services outside their home. Then people livings are cared unselfconsciously by these services. In this way, Super Smart Society will have come.
For several years, SHARP has provided the AIoT products which act intelligently and communicate simply.Speaking as the developer of those products, we propose the requirements to realize Super Smart Society.
IoT Communication BU, SHARP CORPORATIONGeneral Manager Mr. Natsuo Shiraishi
IoT and data utilization in living space
In “U2-HomeⅡ”, the LIXIL's R&D facility for future smart home, more than 250 sensors are placed, and we research how to utilize data from the living space for comfort, safety and security. In addition, “Smart Exterior”, which is LIXIL's current product line-up using IoT, will be introduced.
Technology Research Division, LIXIL CorporationDirector of System Technology Laboratory Mr. Kanji Mihara
A Rakuten-Tsukuba University Initiative: Developing a smart shopping experience through future store design
Thanks to developments in AI and IoT and their increasing deployment, our day-to-day life is expected to become ever more convenient. Rakuten Institute of Technology, the strategic R&D organization in Rakuten, established a Future Store Design Research and Experiment Lab in 2016 together with Tsukuba University. We began an empirical research project that contributes to society through new kinds of store design that apply academic insights. Leveraging these examples, we will investigate the future of smart stores and envisage an advanced user experience.
Rakuten, Inc.Executive Officer Rakuten Institute of Technology World Wide Global Head, Mr. Mori Masaya
Smart Homes: Living As It Should Be
Since 2000, Sekisui House has been conducting demonstration experiments related to smart homes.
Based on the concept that homes are a crucial element in solving social issues, we have been conducting ongoing research aimed at achieving pleasant, comfortable lifestyles and raising the value of housing. Today, as we witness the dawn of a new age of IoT, we are in the midst of technological advancement, a changing market environment, and increasingly diversified lifestyles. Against this background, our aim as a housing manufacturer is to understand what kind of smart home can satisfy the occupants’ needs and, through research, verify what we can do to realize such a home.
Sekisui House, Ltd.Executive Officer, Mr. Yutaka Amemiya
The “ANSHIN Platform” and Service Innovation
SECOM was founded in 1962 as the first private security company in Japan and has strived to contribute to a secure, comfortable and convenient life through seven diverse business domains – security, medical services, fire protection, geographical information, information and communication, housing, and insurance. We formulated SECOM Group’s “2030 Vision” this May and based on the concept of “ANSHIN Platform”, we try to promote HOME development, which is at the core of our lives. I will introduce our various approaches to service innovation for achieving our vision in collaboration with various fields.
SECOM CO., LTD., Adviser, Mr. Tsuneo Komatsuzaki