[FA-1]FANUC's IoT challenge for an intelligent factory - FIELD system-

10/03 13:00-13:45 Simultaneous Japanese-English Interpretation available Convention Hall , International Conference Hall


IoT is increasingly becoming popular with the initiatives of Industry 4.0 and IIC. In responding to this trend, FANUC has developed FIELD system. This is an IoT system based on an “Edge Heavy” concept and specializes in “monozukuri (manufacturing of things).”
FIELD system has an open interface for applications and drivers which transcends manufacturers’ boundaries to connect various machines and sensors. The open platform also enables third party applications to be developed freely. Not limited to new developments, existing devices can be connected as well, without requiring modification. Furthermore, with the implementation of artificial intelligence, FIELD system provides an environment in which the most advanced functions can be used in a wide range of situations and usages.
FIELD system aims first to enhance the visualization, optimization and operating rate of factories. By further using realtime control and artificial intelligence actively, FIELD system will pave the way for a highly intelligent factory.

FANUC CORPORATIONChairman and CEO Dr.Eng.Yoshiharu Inaba