[ICT-2]Compliance of Connected Devices -What manufacturers need to know to put connected devices on the market-

10/03 15:00-17:00 Meeting Room 103, International Conference Hall


Connectivity is a key word in CPS/IoT, where devices taking advantage of radio waves and/or telecom equipment accessing carrier networks are indispensable. Connecting via such devices/equipment, whether built-in or stand alone, requires conformity to technical standards in place in that country and compliance to legal requirements must be displayed on the device/equipment. The seminar will cover latest trends for certifying radio facilities and telecom devices from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications perspective. UL Japan, Inc. will cover EU topics, specifically the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and the RED guide (19 May 2017). The final topic will introduce activities of CIAJs Conformity Assessment Committee.

Latest trends of technical standards certification of radio equipment in Japan
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsDeputy Director Certification Promotion Office, Electromagnetic Environment Division, Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau, Mr. Toru Fukatsu
Rules and regulations of telecommunications terminal equipment certification in Japan
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsDeputy Director Telecommunications Systems Division Telecommunications Bureau Mr. Seiji Maruyama
Update on Radio Equipment Directive
UL Japan, Inc. Global Market Access, Consumer Technology Division Ms. Asami Yamazaki
The Activity of the Conformity Assessment Committee at CIAJ
(TOSHIBA CORPORATION) Conformity Assessment Committee Communications and Information network Association of JapanChairperson Mr. Yasuhiko Muroi.