[PL-2]Securing IoT Deployments with GlobalPlatform Qualified Components

10/05 10:00-11:00 International Conference Hall


Security threat about IoT device is being actualized. GlobalPlatform is an international standardization organization concerned with secure components such as smart card and SIM, and in late year it study and standardizes embedded SIM (eSIM) , Trusted Execution Environment, and expands to its functionality to secure boots etc towards consumer and industry IoT environments.
In this presentation, I explain activities of GlobalPlatform about the protection and privacy reinforcement of IoT and explain how ongoing cooperation with the standardization organization such as GSMA, TCG, OneM2M becomes important to IoT industry (wearable, automotive, medical/health, utility).

GlobalPlatform Board of DorectorsNTT Corporation  Secure Platform Laboratories Reseach Professor Mr. Eikazu Niwano